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OLON < ancient Greek 1. everything, the total, the whole.

At Olon, we possess the requisite curiosity, drive, and design skills necessary to visualize and convert your vision into an exquisite art form. With great proficiency, we carefully review and determine the essential value of your idea and design a concept to establish your identity in a market where you will thrive. The core ethos of our creative process is to empathize with you, embrace your dream, and cultivate the evolution of your aspiration to fruition.

We are an interior design studio based in Detroit. Our services cover the design and execution of concepts for hospitality, commercial, and residential projects.

Our interior design philosophy focuses on the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our concepts are inspired by natural textures, the harmony between lighting and color, and the fluidity of movement within a space. This formula of balance allows us to achieve an environment that stimulates positive psychology which nurtures the energy to inspire productivity.

We are in love with what we do and take on every creative opportunity with enthusiasm and precision. We believe that the human experience has so much beauty waiting to be revealed and explored. Let’s create something beautiful together.

“It takes Ethos to Think it, Logic to Design it, Skills to Build it, and Love to Set it Free” Olon Creative¬†

Dimitris Kostopoulos

Designer - Co Founder

Nicole Jimos

Decoration Director - Co Founder

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