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What We Do

Hospitality Design

Unique and refreshing atmospheres designed to entice your guests and deliver the value of a memorable experience.

Commercial Design

Inventive and strategic concepts designed for optimum space functionality while targeting ideas to maximize profitability.

Residential Design

Inspiring and welcoming design elements to promote harmony between your personality and your home’s functionality.

Our Process

  • Define
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Source
  • Build
Our consultation with you is the definitive moment where the purpose of the project initiates the creative flow. We gather all the vital information regarding your brand culture, your goals, ideas, and individual requirements. On-site, we evaluate the structure of the space and take inventory of any existing assets that can be preserved or materials and equipment that need purchasing. Measurements are documented and photos are taken. Your budget and timeframe are discussed.
We sketch for space planning and furniture layout and develop a 2D floor plan with a focus on scale and proportion. We may have multiple on-site sessions for your feedback and verify that details have been documented and drawn out with precision. We review the floor layout together and collaborate to make any revisions we agree are necessary before your final approval.
Upon approval, we begin the most exciting part of the design phase. Your unique concept comes to life as we piece together the characteristics of your vision in a 3D render. It will include all interior design elements such as furniture, textures, colors, patterns, lighting, and other décor. We prepare a proposal with a cost estimate for the scope of work and a realistic timeline.
We research and obtain quotes of the materials, furniture, and equipment that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the concept. We review the available options together and conclude on selections while keeping your budget and the timeframe in high priority when we initiate purchase orders.
We coordinate and direct all related professionals and resources involved in the construction phase of the project. We work closely with subcontractors, suppliers, and craftsmen and guide the stages of construction so that we achieve all milestones, reduce delays, and meet all requirements of the concept.

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